Final Call for Admission

  • Last date to submit application – 6th of August
  • Classes starts at 9th of August

Courses Offered

In view of the increasing demand for training manpower in the area of Genetics, Advanced Medical Laboratary, Molecular diagnosis, Molecular Biology, Genetics medicine and Biotechnology, Human genetics course plays an important role in biomedical research, genetic counseling, medicine, and clinical genetics. This course enables the graduates with the rapid advancements in our understanding the role of human genome in health and disease, concept of inheritance of human traits pedigree analysis and chromosome organization. Molecular Biology helps in geome identification, analyzing gene structure, gene mutation, gene mapping, gene cloning strategies. Pre implantation genetic diagnosis (IVF related). Next generation, Nanopore sequencing.

Job scope highlights

As a geneticist, can lead to a career in scientific research or industry, to perform various roles as

  • Clinical research associate

  • health care scientists , genomics

  • health care scientists – immunology

  • Plant breeder

  • Research scientists (life sciences/ medical)

  • Epidemiologist

  • physician associate

  • Scientific laboratory technician

  • Science writer

  • Advanced Laboratary Technician

  • Scientific Geneticist

  • Molecular Biology geneticist

  • Immunogenetics

The subject taught

  • Organic mechanisms in Biology

  • Onco geneticist

  • Pharmaco Geneticist

  • Plant geneticist

  • principles of transmission genetics

  • Principles in Microbiology

  • Genetics

  • Chemistry

  • Introduction to C- programming and digital logic

  • Cytogenetic techniques

  • Microbiology

  • Microbial genetics

  • Immunology

  • Animal tissue culture- techniques/ applications

  • Population and evolutionary genetics

  • Molecular Genetics, bio- informatics

  • DNA typing, proteomics

  • environmental Biotechnology

  • Genetics in agriculture, food and industry. Reproductive and Cancer Genetics

  • Social, legal and ethical issues in Genetics technology

Noorul Islam Educational Trust has taken an advanced step towards a professional career in molecular Human Genetics by establishing NIMS center for Advanced Biotechnology ( NCAB) which is need of the hour as the entire world is focusing on personalized medicine. NCAB will coordinate with specialty physician to handle infectious disease, manage and prevent genetics disorders and life style disorders. Foundation stone for NCAB was laid by Mr. Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, Minister of State Parliamentary affairs, Government of India on 29th January 2016. NCAB is equipped with world class instrumentation, reagents and facilities in collaboration with THERMO Scientific and its allied companies that are trusted world top scientists for more than 20 years for its efficiency, accuracy, gold standard technology and service support. NCAB will function on dual campus model where theory classes will be held at Noorul Islam University campus and practical session at NCAB, NIMS Medicity campus with case studies, research activities, Gene Therapy Research Activities, Pre –implantation genetics screening/ diagnosis etc. After calibration and final testing, these facilities at NIMS Medicity will be open to patients use from June 2017.

Personalized Medicine/ Molecular Diagnostics- (DNA/RNA study)

  • Infectious Diseases

Microbial identification (NGS-sequencing – based)- bacteria, fungus, virus etc

Mycobacterium detection and Drug resistance gene detection

  • Non communicable diseases

  • Oncology hotspot profiling

  • BCR- ABL detection

  • EGFR, KRAS mutation detection

  • Breast and ovarian cancer panel

  • Hemoglobinopathies

  • Dystrophinopathies mutation profiling

  • Austism spectral disorders

  • Cardiomyopathy and Arrhythmia panel

  • Aneuploidy and micro deletions panel

  • Alport syndrome

  • G6PD Deficiency

  • Chimerism Analysis

  • HLA typing – Transplantation decision making

  • Warfarin, Statin, Beta Blocker profiling – drug metabolism/ Sensitivity

Research- Economics

  • Research on cardiomyopathy and Arrhythmia

  • Drug metabolism and sensitivity pharmacogenetics

  • Genetics of hypertension and related genes

  • Thalassemia research

  • Pre implantation Genetic Screening / diagnosis

  • Genetic counseling

Our Developments of 2017

  • NIMS center for Advanced Biotechnology

  • Molecular Human Genetics Laboratory

  • Molecular diagnostics infectious disease

  • NIMS center for organ donation and transplantation

  • NIMS Health tourism and natural wellness

  • NIMS rehab garden for Neurology and Orthopedics

  • IVF center with pre implantation genetics

  • 1.5 Tesla digital MRI and Mammography


The objectives of this 3 year undergraduate program with 6 months internship is to prepare cardiovascular technologists in the knowledge, skills and behavior learning domains for invasive and non invasive cardiology. The candidate qualifies as a cardiac technologists and is equipped with the necessary skills to assist the cardiologist in non invasive (Electro cardiography, Doppler, pulmonary function test, stress testing(TMT), use of ultra sound equipment, cardiac monitoring , echo cardiography, angiogram and invasive (Catheterization lab) balloon angio plasty and other procedural domains of the department of cardiology.

Career, As a cardiac care technician, are eligible to work in hospitals set up as cardiac sonagraphers, vascular technologists after adequate training. Emphasis on cardiac health due to the fact that health related illness are responsible for mortality and morbidity.

NIMS Medicity is proud to have a separate well equipped cardiology wing styled Heart Foundation, the only one of its kind in Kerala, constructed under Freeman White Company, California headed by Dr. Madhu Sreedharan. The Heart Foundation is rich in ultra modern lifesaving equipments and is intended to save life at any humanly possible condition. The quality of treatment offered is un compromised.

To make heart treatments more accessible even to those who belong to financially backward class, the expenses that may be incurred for the cardiac checkups and surgeries have been reduced than that of the government rates. NIMS Heart foundation has done 16500 angiograms, 6500 angioplasties and also 4800 bypass surgeries in the short span of time, since 2006. This is probably the highest rate of surgeries in this short span of time.

Apart from this, a special project named Heart to Heart has been introduced. We are proud to announce that Padmashree Bharath Mammootty is our project ambassador to the project Heart to Heart. With the help of Mammootty fans association we provide free heart surgeries to those who are under the poverty line. Under Heart to Heart project 250 open heart surgeries were done successfully. All those 250 families have gone back to normal life with new hopes and aspirations.

The students are being taught

  • Human Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Biochemistry
  • Pathology
  • Microbiology
  • Medicine relavant to cardiac care Technology
  • Applied pathology
  • Pharmacology
  • Introduction to cardiac care Technology
  • Clinical /Applied/ Advanced Technology

Fellowship in Interventional Cardiology, Australia

The objectives of this 3 year undergraduate program with 6 months internship in Dialysis technology provides the students with the opportunity to work in Renal unit as a high skilled technician. Technologist is to setting up dialysis machine, preparing sterilization mix recording vital body states of the patient (Temperature, Blood pressure, age, pulse rate and weight) monitoring, guiding, communicating, administering anesthesia, operate dialysis machine, surprise dialysis process, calculating blood flow, cleaning and inspection of dialysis machine.

Career as a renal technologist they work in hospitals, clinics and health care centres offering dialysis treatment.

NIMS Nephrology and critical care institute has its prime focus in imparting best medical care to renal failure patients. We have state of the art dialysis unit with 12 HD machine and more than 1000 Hemodialysis every month. NIMS Medicity has publicly accepted charity schemes, where by Chairman sponsors 100 free dialysis and HKL scheme sponsors 120 Hemodialysis at half rate every month (more one lakh rupees every month). NIMS as plans of expanding Hemodialysis and transplantation with participation from the Government and on its own.

The students are being

  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Biochemistry
  • Pathology
  • Microbiology
  • Applied Anatomy and Physiology related to dialysis technology
  • Pharmacology related to dialysis technology
  • Concepts of renal dialysis
  • Applied aspects pathology
  • Applied dialysis Technology

Guidance Under DR. MANJU THAMPY

The objectives of this 3 year undergraduate program with 6 months internship of Perfusion technology is the science of administering extracorporeal circulation in order to artificially support and helps to replace temporarily systems. A perfusionist is a skilled allied health professionals, trained and educated specifically as a member of open – heart surgical team for set up and operation of a heart – lung machine and other life system life. Intra-artic balloon pump (IABP), left ventricular assist device, (LUAD), RVAD (Right ventricular assist device, and ECMO.

  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Pathology
  • Pharmacology
  • Cardiopulmonary Bypass
  • Extra corporeal circuits
  • Myocardial preservation
  • Blood conservation Technique
  • Mechanical ventilation

Guidance Under DR. MAHADEVAN

Forensic science is the application of scientific knowledge and methodology to criminal investigations and legal problems. Forensic science is a multi disciplinary subject, it encompasses various fields of science such as Chemistry, Biology Physics Geology, Psychology, Social Science and Engineering

Forensic science is used around the world to protect public health to enforce criminal laws and regulation and to resolve civil disputes.

The scope forensic science study is vast. Employed in

  • Forensic laboratories
  • Toxicology, Molecular Biology
  • detective offices
  • Bank
  • Government and Private agencies
  • Forensic scientists
  • Legal counselor
  • Crime scene investigator
  • Crime reporter
  • Forensic engineer
  • Law consultant
  • Officer in intelligence bureau, CBI, Hospital, law forms, Police departments
  • Quality control bureau
  • Defense/ Army
  • Cyber crime consultant forensic geneticist

Forensic science is grouped in to three types- medical, laboratory and field science

  • Medical/ data medicine –

Forensic pathology, Psychiatry, Psychology, forensic medicine and odontology

  • Laboratory science include Chemistry, Biology, Toxicology, Ballistics, finger prints, marks impressions.
  • Files science – Crime scene investigation, fire and explosion and clandestine drug laboratories

The Subject taught are

  • Introduction to Criminology, criminal behaviour
  • Crime and socio-cultural/ and Psychological factors
  • Law and criminal behavior
  • Expert testimony and laws
  • Basics of digital and cyber forensics
  • Forensic psychology, Biology, chemistry, Physics
  • Applied concepts of forensic science, forensic genetics

Job Scope Highlights of our Allied Health Courses

  As a perfusionist they work in hospitals,cardiac care centres in India and abroad in which the main responsibility is to place the patient on by pass,so the surgeon may operate on a still, unbeating heart and maintain respiratory and circular system.

  As a Cardiac care technician, he may be excel in the field of cardiac care in big hospitals and cardiac care centres in India and abroad to assist the cardiologist in performance of all invasive and non invasive procedures in cardiac care unit.

  As a Radiologic technologist, they are placed in hospitals, health care centres, clinics in India and abroad to operate technology in all diagnostic medical sonography, CT, MRI and all therapeutic procedures in radiology.

  As a Renal dialysis technician, they will be placed in India and abroad in hospitals, health care kidney centres to mainly operate the dialysis process, maintenance of blood flow, monitoring the vital parameters of heart, lungs, kidney and all body systems in maintenance of quality in specialist water treatment plants.

  As a Medical lab technologist, the technologist will be able to work in India and abroad in health centres, hospitals, laboratory services and clinics with the use of knowledge and skills in all sophisticated laboratory equipments with excellent judgement skills.They are the most important hands in the health care team working hard behind the scenes with wide range of career opportunities.