Cardiothoracic Vascular Surgery

The Department of cardiovascular and Thoracic surgery at NIMS Heart Foundation was started 5 years back with an idea to undertake and do open heart surgeries to provide advanced cardiac care to this particular segment of 2 states Kerala and Tamilnadu. The management of NIMS Medicity has liberally and conscientiously contributed to the organization of the department so as to achieve national and international standards for the theatres, Intensive care Nursing and provide State of the art ancillary facilities. Our cardiac surgical team includes cardiac surgeons, cardiac Anesthetist, perfusionist, OT Nurses, ICU Nurses, Physiotherapists and other supporting staff.

In the last 5 years we have successfully completed more than 900 open heart surgical procedure at nominal cost affordable to the common man. We have also done lot of free surgeries in the Heart to Heart programme . The cardiac surgery team is headed by Dr. Mahadevan. R MS. MCH who was trained at Amrita Institute of Medical Science Cochin and has the experience of performing more than 5000 open heart surgeries independently. We would like to solicit your active and whole hearted co operation in referring patients for the benefits provided by this hospital. It is needless to point out that us most care and ardent sincerity will form the basis of our approach to the cardiac problems in the patients referred to us.

We wish to assure that the cardiac surgery and other related procedures will be undertaken at an affordable cost which will be a great help to the patients in this region. We expect your whole hearted co-operation and are happy to place our unstiated services to the patients in this region.