CHAIRMAN’s Message


Noorul Islam is successfully completing over 65 years now with the support and unending dedication of the staffs, students and the supportive society. It was a great dream of mine to bring education and healthcare for my neighborhood. In my childhood, we had to travel far distance for getting proper health treatment or for the higher education. My intention of bringing up NI Institute was arisen from this pain and sufferings my fellow beings had to endure with. In those days Super specialty hospital treatments were only meant for the financially wealthy people and from city area. Patients from rural area had to travel distances for getting proper medical treatment and by the time they reach hospital, patients may found already deceased.

Serving God is through serving Humanity. I believe in this concept. Thus I made a solid decision of bringing to my people the primary requirements of Health and Education. NIMS provides quality treatment at the affordable rate. This will be done irrespective of Cast, Creed, Colour, Credulity, Origin, Sex, Language, Religion, Boundary and Class to develop-Health, Peace, Service, Culture and  Cooperation.