B.Sc Audiology And Speech Language Pathology

B.Sc Audiology And Speech Language Pathology

Audiology is a branch of science that deals with the study of hearing, balance and disorders related to hearing. Speech and language therapists are healthcare professionals who specialize in the field of communication and swallowing disorders. They are capable of identifying, evaluating and treating such disorders. Speech disorders can occur as a problem with articulation of speech sounds, dysfluent speech/stammering and can also manifest as voice problems. Speech disorders can be present alone or in conjuction with other neurological disorders like dysarthria, apraxia, cerebral palsy etc. Language problems are seen in both adults and children. In adults it occurs usually after neurological insult like in case of stroke/accident/blow to head/old age. In children delays/deviancy etc may occur alone as in case of specific Language Impairment or it can occur as a result of conditions like Cerebral Palsy, Mental Abnormality, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Hearing Loss etc.

Every year, the number of Audiologists going abroad is increasing. We started the course to meet the invisible challenge of helping the challenged. Our people oriented approach is well appreciated. Dealing with the speech and language pathology enhances the ability of the impaired to communicate and to interact in various social situations.


We have an a sound Treated Audiology Lab, in which our students learn to evaluate hearing of the patients by using Digital pure – tone clinical audiometer, impedance audiometer, BERA(Brainstem Evoked  Response Audiometry) and OAE(Otoacoustic Emissions). Free field facilities are available for evaluating pediatric population. For patients who need hearing aids, students are being trained to prescribe proper hearing aid.

In our Hearing Aid Servicing Lab, students are trained to repair all models of hearing aids under the guidance of experienced electronic engineer.

A Speech Science Lab is specially equipped for voice recording and objective voice evaluations. Various speech softwares such as Praat, Dr. Speech etc are used for the objective evaluation ov various speech disorders.


  • Dual channel digital diagnostic audiometer
  • Portable audiometer
  • Impedance audiometer
  • BSERA(Brain Stem Evoked Audiometry)
  • ASSR (Auditory Steady Response)
  • OAE (Otoacoustic Emissions)
  • ENG(Electronstagmography)
  • Speech trainer


  • Stuttering Clinic
  • Voice Clinic
  • Neuro-Otology Clinic
  • Rehabilitation Clinic for children


  • Frenchay Dysarthric Assessment
  • Stuttering Prediction Instrument
  • Stuttering Severity Index
  • Malayalam Articulation Test
  • Behaviour assessment battery for school – age children who stutter
  • Apraxia Battery for Adults
  • Photo Articulation Test


  • Receptive and Expressive emergent language scale
  • Boston Diagnostic Aphasia examination test
  • Western Aphasia Battery
  • 3 dimensional language acquisition skills
  • Childhood autism rating scale
  • Modified checklist for autism in toddlers
  • Revised token test
  • Illinois test of psycholinguistic ability
  • Test of language development
  • Linguistic profile test autistic behavior composite checklist and profile
  • Malayalam language test
  • Assessment of language development


  • The center’s advanced sound room allows clients to test hearing devices against different background noise and environments so that fittings can be fine-tuned and personalized. Other clients may also benefit from practicing communication strategies in a range of real-world settings.


  • Audiology Evaluations
  • Assistive Listening Devices
  • Auditory Processing evaluations
  • Custom hearing protection and swim molds
  • Hearing aid: Evaluation, selection and services
  • Tinnitus Evaluations
  • Neonatal Screening


Alzheimer’s Diseases | Aphasia | Articulation

Auditory Processing Evaluation

Augmentative Communication | Aural Rehabilitation

Brain Injury | Delayed Language | Language Learning

Disabilities | Parkinson’s Disease

Speech/Language/Hearing Problems due to Neurological Impairment

Specific Language Impairment

Stuttering | Tongue Thrust