Take care of your Health this Monsoon to Avoid Serious Diseases

22 December, 2017

After the summer heat, the rains are a welcome panacea. Floating little paper boats, a little dancing in the rain, steaming cups of spicy tea and hot ‘bhajis’ are some of the joys we associate with the monsoon rains. However, along with the cooling breeze, the monsoon season is rife with all kinds of infections. This is because the warm, wet and humid weather is ideal for the spread of all kinds of communicable diseases.

During this pleasant weather, everything ranging from air, food and water can lead to serious health issues; this is why you need to be extra vigilant in maintaining hygiene in all aspects of your life – so that you enjoy the monsoon and not suffer because of it. Distressing diseases like malaria, dengue, chikungunya, flu, common colds, diarrheas, typhoid and other respiratory conditions become rampant and can take away the joy from this season, leaving you bed-ridden.

However, here are few precautionary tips to avoid catching communicable disease during this season:

  • Load up on vitamins, either as a supplement or in the form of foods. Boosting your vitamin C intake will ensure better immunity against colds and flu. You should also keep away from overcrowded places and avoid people with viral infections.
  • Stay away from street food, however tempting or delicious they look – your stomach will thank you for it. Hygiene undergoes a downward spiral during the rainy season and foods become a haven for germs.
  • Drinking more water prevents dehydration, but double-check that the water is boiled or filtered using the appropriate technology. When going out, carry your own bottled water and avoid the juice shops like the plague! Diseases like typhoid, jaundice and diarrhea are rampant during this season.
  • Indulge in hot beverages if you need to indulge yourself in a drink. Hot tea, soup and milk are great at keeping your body fighting fit.
  • Mosquito-proof your environment; monsoon is the breeding season of mosquitoes, so get rid of stagnant water. Use mosquito-repellant when going outdoors to escape from virus and parasite-borne infections that are spread by mosquito bites. Diseases like malaria, dengue, and chikungunya are among the few that are easily spread by mosquitoes. Use nets or mosquito coils without fail.
  • Sanitization should be your top priority. Wash your hands frequently, and always on a must-do basis, after getting back home – this point cannot be stressed enough as it’s a primary way of preventing many bacterial and viral infections.
  • Wash all fruits and vegetables very diligently before storing or consuming them. This becomes more important when you are dealing with leafy veggies which need greater care. Unknown to you, the surface may be contaminated with bacteria or virus.
  • And finally, if you get soaked in the rain, take a warm shower after getting home – don’t invite colds and coughs by hanging around waiting for it to dry off; and never enter a room with AC turned on after getting soaked in the rains.

If you can follow all these precautions, rest assured that you will have a fun-filled monsoon!