The Charitable Projects of NIMS Medicity

23 January, 2019

We live in an inter-dependent world and every time we cut off someone else’s opportunities, we shrink our own horizons (Bill Clinton). This seems to be the philosophy under which the NIMS Medicity operates.

In this era of commercialism, they have given back to the society in all sectors to make a significant impact on humanity. It is the belief of the chairman, Dr A.P. Majeed Khan, that serving God is through service to humanity; for this reason he has made a conscious decision to provide the primary requirements of health and education to his fellow human beings.

The good deeds of NIMS Medicity are not only localized to Neyattingara of the Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala where the hospital is located, but to far-flung places too. True quality of life comes from healthy living in a clean environment and keeping this in mind, NIMS conducts an average of 14 camps every month to educate the masses in rural areas as well as provide free medical camps and awareness seminars.

Aside from free medical camps, NIMS also has a free dialysis project called NIMS HKL Foundation which provides crucial care to those who are unable to afford dialysis. Then there is the NIMS Heart to Heart Project under which free cardiac camps are carried out in rural areas; under the aegis of Mammootty Fans Association, these poor patients are then provided free heart surgeries. Their work doesn’t end there as with the increasing number of cardiac cases in Kerala, the hospital is also offering free as well as subsidized (50%) angioplasty to the financially backward class under the Hridaya Sureksha Paddhathy program.

The foundation has taken the war against lifestyle diseases to its root-levels and conducts Hridaya Suraksha Rallies to promote heart-care awareness as well as promote anti-smoking campaigns. They have had the foresight to include school students into this campaign to make it more effective. They also provide Nano clinics in rural areas to address the core issue of lack of healthcare in such places.

NIMS foundation is also a patron of the Parents Association of Disabled students (PADS) and provides help wherever needed.

Their charitable activities extend to other hospitals too as they are known to have renovated the dilapidated female ward of the Government Hospital, Kattakada. They are also known to have provided succor to the most poor and abandoned inmates of the infamous Ward 9 of the General Hospital.

NIMS Medicity’s efforts haven’t stopped with providing medical help either. They are also into taking care of mother earth and have taken up a project for planting one lakh fruit trees to replace the trees being destroyed in the name of urbanization. Aside from that, they have a project called Mitraa Samyog which has to do with propagating sustainable and renewable energy to save our planet for the coming generations.

Providing education to the next generation is the best way to improve development and the society as a whole; for this reason, the foundation has been known to distribute free educational materials and computers to students from government schools located in the rural areas.

NIMS charity works encourage local people to decide which projects would benefit their community the most and remains committed to them till their services are no longer required.