Tips on Overcoming Alcohol Addiction

6 January, 2019

Becoming an addict takes time, and likewise, overcoming the addiction takes time too. It’s a long and bumpy road that may even feel impossible sometimes. However, all it requires is some good old-fashioned willpower and the support of friends and family. That’s if you want to do it the DIY way. The other way to go about it is by joining a de-addiction center where you undergo alcohol de-addiction with the support of people undergoing similar situations.
Alcoholism is drinking in un-moderated amounts regularly. Most people think about overcoming alcoholism when it starts affecting their health, their job or even their personal relationships. Whatever the reason, it’s important that you acknowledge your ambivalence towards drinking and work around it. Every time your mind starts to weaken, remember all the benefits you will gain by sticking to your goals. Here are some tips on helping you overcome this evil in life.

Rule 1 – There is no short-cut or easy way out when it comes to quitting. It wasn’t just one factor that leads to your abusing alcohol, but a number of factors. You need to think, plan and act on weeding out these factors from your life. The road to sobriety starts with removing temptation from your environment, which also means moving away from your circle of drinking buddies. A change in your way of thinking and behaviour is a must.

Rule 2 – Stop thinking and start acting on it. Reading umpteen self-help articles isn’t going to help unless you get the momentum to finally start acting out your wishes. You can start by taking small steps, like keeping your pocket empty so you can’t stop and buy a bottle on the way home; or even try changing the route home so you don’t cross the bar or liquor shop.

Rule 3 – Don’t keep alcohol at home. Give away your stock once you decide to give up; don’t make the silly mistake of thinking you will stop after finishing the stock at home, as that’s just another excuse in a long line of excuses! Food is your friend, don’t skip meals; once you eat properly and on time, the urge to drink will go away.

Rule 4 – If you feel a strategy isn’t working, try another; combat your weakness from every angle until being sober becomes a part of your life. Keep experimenting with different ways to overcome your weakness, and stay dedicated to your task, and you WILL succeed! Best of luck!