Types of Dermatological Treatments

23 January, 2019

With increasing presence of harmful chemicals in our environment as well as in our foods and water, the incidence of various kinds of diseases is on the rise, including dermatological conditions. These pollutants, radiations and contaminants that we are exposed to result in immuno-modulation, creating changes at the gene level.
The advent of unhealthy diets and lifestyles has also contributed their share of misadventure to our health, resulting in earlier unheard of disease conditions. No wonder the science of dermatology evolved and has since been progressing to become a major medical speciality that deals with a variety of conditions, ranging from skin cancers, skin infections, and skin allergies as well as dealing with cosmetic processes. It not only includes skin, but also hair, scalp and nails.

With advancing technology and increasingly more complicated disease conditions becoming diagnosed, new treatment regimes are forever being formulated.

When it comes to infectious skin diseases which are caused by bacterial, viral or fungal pathogens, aside from oral medications, various invasive and non-invasive surgical and incision treatments including removal with a scalpel, nitrogen freezing (cryosurgery) or by burning it off with lasers are currently being carried out.

Cryosurgery and laser therapy are ideal for managing birthmarks, vitiligo, warts, skin tags, tattoo removal and even for cosmetic purposes of rejuvenating and resurfacing ageing, scarred skin.

With conditions like skin cancers on the rise, mostly due to excessive sun exposure, dermatologic therapies ranging from simple excision to biopsy procedures, intra-lesional therapy with chemotherapy or steroids, photodynamic therapy for precancerous growths and skin cancers as well as cryosurgery have equally been geared to focus on their treatments. In a few cases, dermatologists are also practising radiation therapy on their skin cancer patients.

However, it’s the cosmetic dermatological therapies that are very much in demand. From laser therapy for hair removal to laser therapy for skin rejuvenation and resurfacing as part of ageing and acne treatment, the dermatologists are forever kept busy by these beauty-conscious people. Other cosmetic treatments include chemical peels for acne, melasma or sun-damage, cosmetic filler injections like Botox, hair transplantation, phototherapy, allergy testing via the patch for contact dermatitis, etc.

Dermatologists are also involved in systemic therapies including antibiotics, immuno-modulating drugs and injectable products. Even tumescent liposuction can be carried out by dermatologists where a diluted local anaesthetic is injected into the subcutaneous fat under the skin, thus permitting liposuction.

The above are only a few of the dermatologic treatments being practised by dermatologists…